Two new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Cascade County

Cascade County City-County Health Department said June 29 that it had been notified of two new cases, bringing the county to a total of 30 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

One of the new cases is a female in her 20s and the other is a male in his 20s.

That makes 13 new cases since June 13.

One of them is an airman assigned to Malmstrom Air Force Base and is the first confirmed case within the base community, according to a base release.

Cascade County has 28th confirmed COVID-19 case

“The airmen was under a restriction of movement observing established protection protocols after recent duty-based travel outside the local area when the positive result was confirmed. The individual will remain in isolation at home on base. Malmstrom public health officials are conducting contact tracing,” according to the base release.

According to CCHD, the individuals are isolated and CCHD is conducting contact tracing. Anyone who comes up in their investigation as having been exposed will be contacted, according to CCHD.

CCHD said June 28 that it had been notified of the 28th case in the county that was a female in her 30s.

Cascade County has 27th confirmed COVID-19 case

Another case was confirmed June 26 and was a woman in her 40s associated with out-of-state travel, according to CCHD.

Seven of the new cases are associated with a workplace cluster, state health officials said during a June 25 press briefing with Gov. Steve Bullock.

Workplace cluster of COVID-19 cases identified in Cascade County

The 26th case was identified on June 23 and is a male in his 20s and was connected to an existing case.

26th COVID-19 case confirmed in Cascade County

Three new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Cascade County

CCHD confirms 22nd COVID-19 case

Cascade County notified of 21st COVID-19 case

Before June 13, the county had 17 and of those, two died and 15 recovered.

According to CCHD, the agency has three public health nurses actively conducting contact tracing and has other full-time staff that can aide in contact tracing if needed. CCHD told The Electric that it also has several on call nurses if the need arises. CCHD has not requested any assistance to date for contact tracing, according to Katie Brewer, CCHD’s prevention services division manager.

As of June 17, none of the confirmed cases were identified through surveillance testing, according to Trisha Gardner, county health officer.

The increase in cases could be community spread by asymptomatic people or “that they came into contact with someone with very mild symptoms. We also have people now traveling into our county more freely and they could be asymptomatic and/or have very mild symptoms,” Gardner told The Electric last week.

Gardner said they don’t have an exact number of tests performed in Cascade County since there are providers who are not providing CCHD with their testing numbers. Gardner said CCHD gets numbers from the largest three testing sites in Great Falls and as of June 17, more than 6,000 people had been testing in Cascade County.

The 22nd case was confirmed June 20, but CCHD didn’t specify how the male in his 30s contracted the virus.

The 21st case is a woman in her 50s and associated with out-of-state travel.

CCHD confirms 20th COVID-19 case in Cascade County

CCHD was notified June 16 of the 20th case, which was a male in his 60s. That case was a contact to a known positive test, according to CCHD.

New positive COVID case confirmed in Cascade County, total now 19 cases

The 19th case was confirmed June 14 and was a male in his 60s with “community acquired infection.”

18th COVID-19 case identified in Cascade County

“Please be mindful of all the measures you can take to protect yourself from this disease, and watch out for those around you—particularly those who are at high risk of serious illness,” CCHD said in a June 14 post.

CCHD has not released any additional information regarding the case and in the past has said it will not release further information about patients who test positive for COVID to respect their individual privacy.

CCHD announced the 18th confirmed case on June 13. That case is a woman in her 50s with no history of travel or contact with a known case.

“The origin of this patient’s infection cannot be determined, suggesting this infection was community-acquired,” CCHD said Saturday.

CCHD nurses conduct contact tracing investigations and individually contact all known contacts of a confirmed positive case so that they can self quarantine for 14 days and monitor their health for any COVID symptoms.

No new COVID cases in Cascade County for third week

CCHD said on June 4 that a COVID-19 case was identified in Cascade County but it wasn’t assigned to the county or the state.

That case was a female in her 20s who’s a visitor to Cascade County with a recent out of state travel is a confirmed case in the county, according to CCHD.

“Although the individual will not be considered a Montana case, contacts have been identified in Cascade County. Both this woman and all identified contacts have been isolated and quarantined, and are actively being monitored by CCHD,” according to CCHD.

17th case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Cascade County

The last confirmed case in Cascade County was May 11.