Great Falls Greats

The Electric is celebrating what makes Great Falls Great and unique with its local businesses and places.

The focus is on local businesses, but we know some chains have locally owned franchises.

It’s the second annual contest and we’re making a few changes.

We’ve kept the same categories as last year, with a few new ones.

This year, we made the categories multiple choice with the top three winners from each category last year, plus the option to write in something else.

Here’s this year’s winners with nearly double the number of votes over last year’s contest.

Great Falls Greats 2021 Winners

Great Falls Greats 2021, The Electric’s 4th anniversary and a thank you

Voting was open June 1-13.

Winners will be announced June 21 and we’re encouraging everyone to get out and about June 24-27 to check out the winning items, shops and people, and enjoy the multiple downtown events those days.

While you’re here, take a look at last year’s winners:

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Great Falls Greats 2020

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