The Electric is a small LLC that is officially recognized by the Montana Secretary of State.

We’re registered as The Electric Media Group LLC.

For now, we’re going the small business route as things get up and running and we have plans to create a nonprofit that will support independent journalism across Montana.

If you’re interested in supporting The Electric as an independent news source in Great Falls, with a focus on local government, economic development and military issues, you can send a check to The Electric Media Group at P.O. Box 2643, Great Falls, MT 59403 or you can give it to Jenn directly when you see her out and about covering government meetings and other events.

Yes, we know online donations are convenient, but for now, we’re going with simplicity and avoiding the tangled web of fees, having too many accounts to track and spending our nights reading tax code.

We’re working on developing a limited number of advertising options and if you’re interested, get in touch at

We’re starting small in the hopes of proving that real local journalism still has value and if you believe that too, consider a financial contribution. Eventually, we’re hoping to hire a few other reporters to help cover more ground, but we’re going to wait until we can pay people for their work. Your contributions will help cover expenses and help Jenn spend more time reporting and less time working part time jobs to make this site work.

Please keep in mind that contributions, while appreciated, will not influence editorial content.

Got questions? Email or call 406.868.6076, but keep in mind that Jenn might be in a government meeting, interview, or working her part-time jobs, so please leave a message otherwise she’ll assume you’re a telemarketer.

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