Great Falls business in profile

This month, The Electric has been celebrating its third anniversary with the 2020 Great Falls Greats contest and those winners will be announced June 19.

Celebrating three years of The Electric, and introducing Great Falls Greats

This week, we’re highlighting some local business owners and why they chose to operate in Great Falls.

The Electric sent a short questionnaire to dozens of local businesses and this week, we’ll share the responses we received. These features had no bearing on the Great Falls Greats voting and we’ll be sharing different features on those winners later in the month.

The questions we asked were:

  • From Great Falls or somewhere else?
  • What brought you here if from elsewhere?
  • What made you stay if you’re from here?
  • Why did you open/acquire a business here?
  • What are the top 3 advantages to operating a business in Great Falls?
  • What are the top 3 challenges?
  • If there was one thing you could change to existing regulations to remove barriers to business, what would it be?
  • What advice would you give to someone considering starting a business in Great Falls?

These features will start posting June 15 and will continue throughout the week in no particular order. Links to all of the features will be added to this page as they are published.

We’ll continue covering local business issues and getting more in depth on economic development opportunities here as well as challenges for business owners.

The Great Falls Greats winners for 2020 will be announced June 19 and we’re encouraging everyone to get out and about June 25-27 to check out the winning drinks, foods, items, shops and people.

Business in profile: Roadhouse Diner

Business in profile: Hi-Line Climbing Center

Business in profile: My Viola-Floral Studio

Business in profile: The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers

Business in profile: Miss Kitty’s Coffee Café

Business in Profile: Central Avenue Meats

Business in Profile: Cassiopeia Books

Business in Profile: Mighty Mo

Business in Profile: Anchor Fitness

Business in Profile: Nourish

Business in Profile: Sandra Johnson-Thares