Readers share what makes Great Falls great

If you made it to the end of the 2020 Great Falls Great voting form, you saw the Wild Card category.

We asked what you thought was the best thing about Great Falls.

Great Falls Greats 2020 Winners

The question garnered a wide variety of responses but the overwhelming majority said “the people,” “community,” “friendly people” or some variation thereof.

Celebrating three years of The Electric, and introducing Great Falls Greats

The river, River’s Edge Trail and downtown were also top answers.

Here’s some of our favorite, positive responses.

“The sense of genuine community and purpose. I love this city!”

“The downtown is starting to come together.”

“The people, businesses and organizations that work so much to make Great Falls a wonderful, vibrant place to live!”

“The people who have a burning desire to continue making it better!”

“Tons of local outdoor recreation access, amazing artists and murals, farmers market, family fun events.”

“The proximity to everything! We are just a short drive from any outdoor activity you could want to do, as well as centrally located to other cities.”

“That the downtown is becoming great again.”

“Our people who are loving and kind and welcoming to all.”

“It’s the best kept secret of Montana.”

“Great Falls has everything we need and is centrally located so it’s an easy drive to all the best places in Montana.”

“Everyone who lives, works here; the people who have brought you their families here and made this place a home for generations.”