GFPS superintendent evaluation process underway

The Great Falls Public Schools board is continuing its annual evaluation of the superintendent.

Amie Thompson, board member, said during their Jan. 9 meeting that the deadline for written public comment was Jan. 5 and they received seven responses.

GFPS superintendent evaluation process begins

She said they were a mix of approval and some expressing concern in Superintendent Tom Moore’s performance for the last year.

During the meeting, no members of the public commented on Moore’s performance.

GFPS board satisfied with Moore’s performance

During their Nov. 14 meeting, the board adopted the criteria by which they’ll evaluate the superintendent, which is the same as that used in recent years.

GFPS accepting public comment for superintendents review [2021]

GFPS board policy requires the board to evaluate the superintendent at least annually using standards and objectives adopted by the superintendent and board that are consistent with the district’s mission and goals.

Moore gets high marks from GFPS board [2021]

The process, as adopted by the board is:

  • Jan. 9: As an agenda report, the board chair provides a summary of submitted written comments from the public and disseminates the evaluation instrument to trustees for individual completion. Public comment relevant to the superintendent’s evaluation will be taken in conjunction with the agenda item.
  • Jan. 12: Trustees’ individual assessments of the superintendent’s performance are due to the board chairperson, who will compile all scores and comments in a single document.
  • Jan. 23: Board completes its evaluation of the superintendent’s performance. The first phase of this final step of the evaluation process provides individual board members with the opportunity to discuss their scores and comments with the superintendent and to discuss the public’s comments. The board chair will determine if the superintendent’s right to privacy in this discussion-and-query phase supersedes the public’s right to know, so this portion of the evaluation process may be conducted in closed session. The board will take formal action on the superintendent’s performance during the public portion of this meeting
  • Jan. 27: A summary of the superintendent’s evaluation will be made available to the public.