GFPS accepting public comment for superintendent’s review

The Great Falls Public Schools board opened the superintendent review for public comment during their Nov. 22 meeting and will accept comment in written form through Jan. 6 or in person comment at the Jan. 10 regular meeting.

Board policy requires an annual review of the superintendent’s performance using standards and objectives developed by the superintendent and the board. Those were adopted at the Nov. 8 meeting.

The board will designate a specific time for a formal evaluation session.

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A public survey may be completed at GFPS Superintendent’s Evaluation 2021-2022 or written comments may be submitted in the form of a narrative to the board vice chairperson at, or mailed to Gordon Johnson, P.O. Box 2429, Great Falls, MT 59403.

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To be considered, written comment must include the author’s name and address, according to the board.

This year’s superintendent review timeline is:

  • Oct. 20: Board leadership discusses process and instrument with the Superintendent before placing both on board agenda for Nov. 8.
  • Nov. 8: Board approves, with possible amendments, evaluation process and instrument.
  • Nov. 22: Board announces beginning of evaluation process as information item at board meeting and encourages public input, either in writing to the board vice chairperson by Jan. 6 or as public comment to the board at the Jan. 10 meeting.
  • Jan. 6: Written comment from the public is due to the board vice chairperson.
  • Jan. 10: As an agenda report, the board vice chairperson provides a summary of submitted written comments from the public and disseminates the evaluation instrument to Trustees for individual completion. Public comment relevant to the superintendent’s evaluation will be taken in conjunction with the agenda item.
  • Jan. 14 Trustees’ individual assessments of the superintendent’s performance are due to the board vice chairperson, who will compile all scores and comments in a single document.
  • Jan. 24: Board completes its evaluation of the superintendent’s performance. The first phase of this final step of the evaluation process provides individual board members with the opportunity to discuss their scores and comments with the superintendent and to discuss the public’s comments with the superintendent. The board chair will determine if the superintendent’s right to privacy in this discussion-and-query phase supersedes the public’s right to know, so this portion of the evaluation process may be conducted in closed session. The board will take formal action on the superintendent’s performance in the open public board meeting on Jan. 24.
  • Jan. 28: A summary of the superintendent’s evaluation will be made available to the public.