Tire shop planned for former Loading Zone property

Discount Tire Company is planning a location at the former Loading Zone/Playground/Buffalo Saloon location.

The company has filed a request to vacate the right of way for a portion of 10th Alley South between 24th and 25th Streets South for the project.

City Commissioners will consider the request during their Nov. 15 meeting and be asked to set a public hearing for Dec. 6.

Staff is recommending approval of the request.

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If the commission approves the alley vacation, the tire company will purchase the property and request to aggregate the lots to build a new Discount Tire Store. The lot aggregation will go before the planning board and commission.

They’re planning to relocate existing utilities to accommodate a larger buildable area on the site, according to the staff report.

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City staff has discussed existing utilities that will be affected by the vacation with the applicant and all relocated utilities to accommodate the proposed future development will be done at the property owner’s expense, according to the staff report.

Easements will be created for any remaining utilities and needed access, according to staff.

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The alley vacation request does not apply to the neighboring Ski’s Western Motel.

The company is proposing to abandon the western portion of the sanitary sewer main that currently runs the length of the property, leaving a small portion of sanitary sewer main will remain along the eastern edge of the property, which will require the dedication of a utility easement and installation of a manhole at the end of the main for maintenance access. The sanitary sewer main and service will remain as constructed for the property to the east.

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The sewer utility relocation will be reviewed and approved by city staff if commissioners approve the vacation of the alley. Staff told the applicant that sanitation access must remain for both lots if the vacation is approved and the redevelopment proposal is subject to further review as part of any future building permits.