12 Days of Great Falls Cheer: Random Act of Kindness Day, Giving Trees, Candy Cane Lane

It was the ninth day of the 12 Days of Great Falls Cheer on Dec. 14 and it was Random Act of Kindness Day.

The Electric made, in this reporter’s opinion, adorable holiday cards that were distributed around town to some businesses and first responders who randomly gave them to customers and people those responders interacted with.

Some of the cards had gift cards tucked inside that were donated by local businesses, or sponsored by The Electric.

Some were distributed on Tuesday, but some are still being handed out this week.

12 Days of Great Falls Cheer: Volunteering; Eat, Drink and Be Merry

We hope some of you got those small doses of holiday cheer and helped pass it on to others. If you received a card, or had a random act of kindness or had one done to you this week, feel free to share and we’ll compile them into a holiday cheer story this month.

12 Days of Great Falls Cheer: Community Traditions

Thank you to those businesses and first responders who helped me with yet another of my project ideas and spreading a little holiday cheer.

We’re also pretty excited to hear about Fire Artisan Pizza’s Random Act of Christmas this week.

“Tis the Season! We are so thankful for our Great community! The last two years have shown how strong we are through adversity. That strength comes from the acts of love, kindness, and compassion,” they said in a post.

Their giving away gift cards for the first five people who share a story of a Random Act of Christmas.

12 Days of Great Falls Cheer: Day of Giving

Dec. 16 is the 10th day of 12 Days of Great Falls Cheer and is all about giving trees and Candy Cane Lane.

There are giving trees all over town in need of some love.

This year’s Candy Cane Lane is 6:30-9 p.m. Dec. 17-18 and it’s open to the public.

12 Days of Great Falls Cheer: Great Falls Grateful

People can register to participate and decorate their homes. Register at http://www.candycanelanegf.org.

Light viewing maps are available for pickup, as well as cocoa, at Jaycee Park on the event nights.

12 Days of Great Falls Cheer

With the map, drive through the area to see the decorated houses and be sure to vote for your favorites, and play in the event scavenger hunt.

Donations are accepted and go toward the Great Falls Early Education Association.

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

This year’s event is broken into a crosstown clash with Grinchville on the northwest/CMR side of town and the Abominable Town on the southeast/GFH side.

The top voted house on either side with the most decorated houses with hold the traveling trophy, which is a leg lamp from the classic movie, A Christmas Story. The winning family gets to keep the trophy for the month of December.

In 2020, the winner was Abominable Town and the Snow family holds the trophy currently. That year, there were more than 600 houses decorated.

Grinchville won in 2019.