12 Days of Great Falls Cheer: Great Falls Grateful

It’s the third day of the 12 Days of Great Falls Cheer and it’s Great Falls Grateful day.

Going into the Thanksgiving holiday, let’s all take a moment to think about those things and people we’re thankful for and more importantly, say so.

Here at The Electric it’s been a long, tiring year, but we’ve got a lot to be thankful for so we’ll start.

In case you’re new here, The Electric is still just a one-woman operation, founded, owned and fully operated by Jenn Rowell, that’s me.

12 Days of Great Falls Cheer

I’ve got plans to add more reporting capabilities in the next year though that will take more community support.

To that end, a heartfelt thank you to advertisers and subscribers, you really do make this little world go round for independent local news in Great Falls.

To our readers, thank you for reading, sharing our stories, telling your friends about The Electric and encouraging them to subscribe and follow on social media. I see you and appreciate you.

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To those of you who get introduced to me and get excited about meeting The Electric, you make this cranky reporter’s heart melt a little every time and help keep me going.

To those of you who send me story tips and help me track down sources, I couldn’t do it without you.

Great Falls Greats 2021, The Electric’s 4th anniversary and a thank you

To public officials who are upfront and honest with me, and by extension, you the public, my genuine appreciation. Ask any of them, I’ll argue, pester, disagree and push to get information, but the best ones understand my job and have a shared respect for public information and participation.

To those of you who read the stories before commenting, you are the best kind of people.

To those of you who send messages or stop me when you see me to offer wine when the comments on stories get out of hand, you keep me sane.

To the friends who celebrate the highs, let me lose it sometimes, okay a lot of times, grab drinks just because, get me involved in all kinds of events and activities and in turn let me rope you into all kinds of projects, and generally look out for me, you are the loves of my life.

To this community that has welcomed me over the years and let a small independent news operation not only succeed, but flourish, validating all my core beliefs in the importance of local news, my eternal gratitude.

Of course, my family and my two black labs are among the most important beings to me, and I’m so grateful my parents got to visit Montana for the first time ever this year, and since I moved here almost nine years ago. The dogs mostly just sleep on me when I’m working from home and chew a lot of things I wish they wouldn’t, but they are unfailingly happy to see me and who doesn’t love that.

Share what your grateful for in the comments, or email them to jenn@theelectricgf.com. Use the hashtag #gfgrateful and I’ll compile as many as I can into a Thanksgiving post for some community gratitude.