City asked to update Stuckey Road project agreement

City Commissioners will consider a change to the agreement for the Stuckey Road project during their June 15 meeting.

Commissioners originally approved the memorandum of understanding and project funding maintenance agreement with the Montana Department of Transportation in June 2018 and a change was made in February 2021.

The city received an amendment on May 20, 2021, requesting an increase to the city’s match from $100,521 to $153,759.

MDT seeking comment on proposed Stuckey Road project

Costs have increased due to unanticipated costs for consultant services to perform “subsurface utility investigation, additional effort to design drainage above existing utilities, additional hydraulics and environmental activities for unanticipated wetlands impacts and the estimated remaining man-hours to complete the project,” according to the city staff report.

Other engineering costs have been adjusted, mostly with minor changes, according to the city. The right of way estimated cost has been updated to reflect the acquisition needed on the east side of the Northwest Bypass-Stuckey Road intersection. The utility costs have been updated for the potential relocation of a four-inch gas main, according to the city.

Stuckey Road improvements planned, commission to consider agreement on Tuesday

This project will reconstruct and pave the portion of Stuckey Road located within the city limits. This section of roadway is approximately three tenths of a mile in length, is currently gravel and serves a mixture of businesses and residences

The project will also extend the road improvements a short distance past the city limits into the county.

This project will reconstruct and pave approximately 2,000 feet of Stuckey Road north of the Northwest Bypass. The new roadway will tie into the approaches for the existing businesses and residences and improve drainage along the roadway as needed. The project is scheduled for an October 2021 letting date with construction to take place in summer of 2022, according to city staff.

County approves agreements, contracts for road work

MDT will design, manage and oversee construction.

The project was nominated by city staff through the Great Falls Technical Advisory Committee for consideration for funding through the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program.

The city’s patch is 13.42 percent of the total project costs for the work completed within the city limits and the city will continue to maintain the portion in the city limits after improvements are completed.

The county’s match for their portion and the federal CMAQ funding will cover the remainder of the project costs.

Area transportation plan getting minor update

The project qualified for this funding source because it will improve air quality by eliminating dust generated from this section of roadway once the surface has been changed from gravel to pavement, according to the city staff report.

The large number of heavy vehicles that use the roadway daily create air quality issues and necessitates increased maintenance. The City Street department frequently receives complaints related to air quality and maintenance issues along this stretch of roadway.

The updated estimated project cost is $1,507,559. The city’s 13.46 percent match of $153,759 is required for the project to be eligible for CMAQ funding. Projects are nominated by members of the Technical Advisory Committee and that group selected this project from 15 possible projects in 2016. The final approval body, the Policy Coordinating Committee concurred and the Transportation Improvement Program was amended to include the project in 2018. The current Long Range Transportation Plan includes this project.