County board appointments on Tuesday’s agenda, including zoning board

County Commissioners are preparing to make appointments to three of the county’s most influential boards.

During their Dec. 11 meeting, commissioners will consider appointments to the Zoning Board of Adjustment, Planning Board and the Regional Airport Authority Board.

Lawsuit over Cascade County board appointments is dismissed

The ZBOA appointments have been a source of contention for the last year since that board has the authority to issue special use permits such as the one requested by the proposed Madison Food Park. State law establishes the board and its responsibilities.

Earlier this year, Edward Friesen sent a letter to the county stating that they were amending their plans and the permit process has been on hold since May. County planning has not received any updated information from Friesen as of Wednesday afternoon.

Madison Food Park application on hold for next six months

Terms for three current ZBOA members expire at the end of the month and all three have submitted applications to be considered for reappointment.

Those three members are Bill Austin, Leonard Reed and Rob Skawinski.

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Six other people have submitted applications for the vacancies.

Levine appointed to Cascade County Zoning Board of Adjustment

They are: Richard Liebert, Tony C. Lucas, Bruce Moore, Renae Munson, Robbie Regennitter and Ryan Villines.

During their Wednesday work session, County Commissioners did not discuss imposing any criteria for applicants to the board. The county attempted that earlier this year in an effort to appoint members who wouldn’t have to recuse themselves from deliberations on the potential Madison Food Park application.

County received 10 applications for one ZBOA seat; commission postpones appointment to June 12

But, the criteria met with considerable opposition from the public and a lawsuit in district court.

Commissioners are planning to consider board appointments during their Dec. 11 meeting, but plan to revamp the appointment process beginning early next year to include interviews with applicants, particularly for the two decision-making boards-the ZBOA and airport authority board.

Applicants for the three vacancies on the planning board are: Richard Liebert, Bruce Moore, Ken Thornton and Rob Skawinski. Liebert, Thornton and Skawinski currently sit on the board.

Applicants for the two vacancies on the airport board are: Debra Evans, Casey J. Lalonde and Matthew J. Mattingly. Evans currently sits on the board.