County received 10 applications for one ZBOA seat; commission postpones appointment to June 12

The county has received 10 applications for the one remaining vacancy on the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

ZBOA application process opens April 16

Applications were due by 5 p.m. May 1 and the Cascade County Commission had planned to make the appointment during their May 8 meeting.

But during Wednesday’s work session, commissioners decided to extend the application period though 5 p.m. June 4. Commissioners now plan to make the appointment during their June 12 meeting.

Carey Ann Haight, the chief civil deputy county attorney, said while searching Montana Code Annotated for something else, she found a provision requiring that vacancies for county boards be posted for one month.

But commissioners will maintain the applications submitted so far for consideration during the June 12 meeting.

Commissioners asked staff to review all other board vacancies to ensure they meet the month-long posting requirement and to make note of that requirement going forward.

The 10 applicants so far are:

  • Jerry Dolson
  • Don Harboway
  • JC Kantorowicz
  • Richard Liebert
  • Tony Lucas
  • Bruce Moore
  • Jesse Oldham Jr.
  • Robert Polich
  • Robbie Regennitter
  • Ryan Villines

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The county has previously advertised for this volunteer position, but has had issues in the process.

The ZBOA is the board that has the authority to issue special use permits such as the one requested by the proposed Madison Food Park. State law establishes the board and its responsibilities.

Commissioners made an appointment in January, but the individual declined the appointment after it was discovered he had made public comments about the proposed Madison Food Park.

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After that, the county issued criteria for ZBOA applicants that included being resident freeholders outside the incorporated areas and living outside a 7-mile radius from the proposed MFP.

County Commission removes criteria for ZBOA applicants, decides to readvertise for remaining vacancy

Villines filed a lawsuit in district court challenging the criteria, which have since been removed. The case is pending and no hearing had been scheduled as of Tuesday.