City, board refining job description for new library director search

The city is in the preliminary stages of finding replacements for two department directors.

Kathy Mora is retiring in December as director of the Great Falls Public Library.

Kevin Hager has also announced his retirement from his position as director of the Great Falls Housing Authority.

Both agencies work somewhat independently of the city, but have management agreements with their boards under which the city employs the director but appoints the position in consultation with the respective board.

The library board has now met twice with City Manager Greg Doyon to discuss the process of appointing an interim director and the recruitment process for a new director.

Search for new library director beginning

On Friday, Doyon and the board met again to fine tune a draft job description, along with the city’s human resources director, Gaye McInerney.

The group spent about an hour discussing what the requirements should include as it relates to fee review, certifications, business sense and other details.

The library board members had some concerns over what time period was realistic for a new director to get the necessary certifications.

Library boiler replacement project underway

Doyon said he’d check with the Montana State Library, which oversees those certifications, to determine the best time frame and how much flexibility there is. He suggested making the certifications a condition of employment versus including it as a requirement in the job description so as not to limit the pool of applicants.

Sunday hours at Great Falls library delayed until December

There was some discussion related to the director’s duties as it relates to public relations and business sense.

Some board members said they viewed business sense as the expenditure side, but Doyon said he viewed it more holistically to include operations, patron services, revenues, as well as strategic planning and dealing with deferred maintenance.

Doyon advised the board not to be too specific in the job description to avoid limiting their applicant pool.

“Sometimes you’d be surprised with somebody with the right heart and attitude,” even if they don’t have all of the experience the board wants, Doyon said.

Doyon said he and McInerney would revise the job description and recruitment brochure and send it back to the board for review. He said it’s not likely they need to meet again, unless the board has extensive comments at that point.

Doyon said he’s hoping to have the job posted by the end of next week and review applications after it’s been posted for 30 days. Hiring during the winter months and holidays can be challenging, he said, so it may take longer to get a qualified pool of applicants.