GFPS reviews salary adjustments for upcoming budget

The Great Falls Public Schools board reviewed compensation for some positions during their June 26 meeting.

The compensation will be included in the district budget for fiscal year 2023-2024, which begins July 1 and the board will take action on the budget during their Aug. 21 meeting.

The board reviewed classified and hourly staff compensation for support staff, paraprofessionals, teachers aids, hourly classified staff and part-time nurses.

GFPS budget committee recommends no levy this year

These employees are non-union and their compensation is regulated by board policy.

These five groups includes 348 employees, according to GFPS.

The proposed budget for upcoming school year includes the following increases:

  • part-time nurses, support staff and hourly classified employees: four percent increase
  • paraprofessionals and teachers aids: four percent per hour increase

The increase on those base salaries is an estimated $279,662 additional cost, for a total of $6,503,053 salary budget for this employee group.

GFPS holding public meetings on upcoming budget

The administrator and supervisor group includes 48 employees and they “set the climate, implement the board’s goals,
provide instructional leadership, and maintain the safety and discipline that allows Great Falls Public Schools to
continually perform at high levels,” according to the agenda report.

The base salaries for the employees listed below in this unit are adjusted by four percent in the proposed budget.

The group includes three executive directors of student achievement, one director of business operations, one human resources director, one director of technology, two co-coordinators of curriculum and instruction, one coordinator of athletics, one coordinator of music and art, one coordinator of Indian education, two coordinators of student services, one coordinator of student services Title 1, one coordinator of transitional kindergarten, two high school principals, six high school associate principals, 15 elementary principals, one elementary associate principal, one supervisor of facilities, one assistant supervisor of facilities, one supervisor of food services and one coordinator of the College and Career Readiness Center.

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The superintendent is not included in the group because his contract is set by the board, but superintendent severance is included in the group’s budget since if he left the district, he’d be allowed 33 percent of his sick leave, according to the agenda report.

The four percent base salary increase for this group is an additional $174,434, for a total of $5,208,123 for the upcoming budget year.