City approves contract for stormwater master plan

City Commissioners approved a $455,870 contract to Great West Engineering for a stormwater master plan.

The commission adopted the current plan in 1989 and it analyzed and identified drainage deficiencies and provided a range of concepts for the construction of future facilities and prioritized system maintenance and improvement projects.

The 1989 plan also recommended the creation of a storm drain fee to pay for necessary upgrades and maintenance.

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The plan update process will include public outreach and a website with a GIS-based data collection tool to allow public identification of drainage concern areas, according to city staff.

The plan update will develop a computerized hydraulic model of the city’s storm sewer network using the city’s existing storm drain utility mapping, as-built plans, and Lidar data. Supplemental surveying will be conducted where data is not available, according to city staff.

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The storm drain model for the existing drainage networks will be run and refined for the various storm events to perform capacity analysis for the existing pipes and to identify areas of surcharging and overtopping, according to city staff.

The plan update will also include an evaluation of potential overflow improvement alternatives for flood mitigation efforts during substantial rain events, such as the August 2016 rain storm, according to staff.

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The plan will also include macro scale drainage concepts for future facility construction and analysis of possible locations for future city owner regional stormwater detention/retention ponds.

The plan will also review industry practices used by Montana municipalities and industry standards for stormwater rate structures, according to staff. The rate study will determine the revenue needed to meet the utility’s financial obligations, including capital, operating, and regulatory commitments and make recommendations for a rate structure.

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The city received four bids for the project and the top two scoring proposals were invited for interviews, according to city staff.

Great West’s proposal scored highest in the review process, according to staff.

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The project has been prioritized in the city public works capital improvement program and budgeted with storm sewer funds, unassigned capital improvements and the enterprise fund, according to staff.