City Commission approves $2 million contract for water main project

City Commissioners approved a $2.03 million contract to United Materials for the second phase of the lower northside water main replacement project.

They approved the project during their April 18 meeting.

The project consists of replacing about 3,870 lineal feet of aging water main on the north side of downtown.

The project will replace water mains that have been failing with increasing frequency, damaging property and roadways, disrupting traffic and interruptions to water service.

City plans to use fuel tax funds for water main, street reconstruction project

This project will replace water mains that have had 27 breaks over the last 30 years, including 10 over the last five years, according to the city public works department.

The breaks are primarily due to corrosive soils, age and the type of pipe material used, according to public works.

The mains being replaced were installed in 1957, 1960, and 1989.

City proposing utility increases

This project will also increase the diameter of some of these water mains that are currently undersized due to city growth.

Residents and businesses will be placed on temporary water during construction and traffic will be detoured around affected project locations.

Two contracts for southwest side water main project on June 7 city agenda [2022]

The project includes:

  • replacing about 2,500 lineal feet of 6-inch cast iron water main
  • replacing 1,300 lineal feet of 8-inch ductile iron water main
  • replacing 70 lineal feet of 12-inch cast iron water main
  • replacing eight fire hydrants
  • 98 water service connections
  • 3,400 square yards of base course
  • 1,430 square yards of asphalt pavement

The mains will be replaced with:

  • 3,870 lineal feet of PVC water mains including both 8-inch and 12-inch diameter pipe

Project locations include:

  • Park Drive from 5th Avenue North to 7th Avenue North
  • 7th Avenue North from Park Dr. to 9th Street
  • 3rd Avenue North from Park Dr. to 3rd Street

The project is tentatively scheduled to start July 10, depending on weather and contractor scheduling.

City approves water main replacement project [2022]

The water main project is planned to be completed ahead of a separate street reconstruction project scheduled for 2024 at:

  • 7th Avenue North from Park Drive to 9th Street
  • 3rd Avenue North from Park Drive to 3rd Street

The street reconstruction project is being funded with state Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability Act fuel tax funds.

$1.99 million contract for southside water main project on March 1 city agenda [2022]

The city received two bids for the project ranging from $2,030,275 to $2,498.149.60.

United Materials submitted the low bid.

The water main project was selected and prioritized under the public works capital improvements program and is budgeted in the water utility enterprise fund, according to public works.