City updating HR remdodel project costs

City Commissioners will consider a change order during their Nov. 15 meeting for the human resources department remodel in the Civic Center.

The project was identified as a top priority project for the city’s American Rescue Plan Act, federal COVID relief fund, allocation during the April 5 commission meeting.

The project went out to bid in July and commissioners approved the $626,500 construction contract in July to Wadsworth Builders Company.

Commissioners to consider Civic Center office remodel contract

Since then, human resources staff identified additional items that needed to be included in the project to increase the capacity and functionality of the HR office, namely the enclosure/creation of an additional office space in the northwest corner of the HR office, according to the staff report.

City considering contract for Civic Center office space remodel [2020]

Cushing Terrell, the project architect also identified the need for increased electrical installation, insulation, and carpentry.

With the design changes, Wadsworth estimated an additional $23,432.55 for the project.

Cushing Terrell is also working on designs for two more change orders that will include procuring and installing HVAC units and mechanical/electrical installation to provide updated HVAC service in the HR office, city manager’s office, and the prosecutor’s office on the first floor.

“In light of the incremental process for ARPA project approval, the most effective and efficient design/construction approach was not evident until the RTU project design/engineering was well underway. These changes will essentially take scope away from the upcoming RTU project, and place it under the HR remodel, as it is prudent to undertake these upgrades in conjunction with the ongoing HR remodel in order to mitigate installation costs,” according to the staff report.

The roof top unit project was also a top tier ARPA project for the city and there will be access during the HR remodel to duct work and equipment that will be upgraded.

The change order brings the total project budget to $649,932.55.