Election 2022: Candidates, ballot initiatives

Ballots for the Nov. 8 election have been mailed in Cascade County.

The Electric sent questionnaires to the candidates for county offices. We’ve posted the ones we’ve received and will update as other candidates return theirs.

Below is also information on the multiple questions on this year’s ballot, including a marijuana tax, a city marijuana code amendment, a public safety levy and a city charter amendment for Municipal Court.

Clerk and Recorder candidate: Rina Fontana Moore

Clerk and Recorder candidate: Sandra Merchant

County Commission candidate: Don Ryan

County Commission candidate: Rae Grulkowski

District Court Judge candidate: Michele Levine

District Court judge candidate: David Grubich

Justice of the Peace candidate: David Phillips

Justice of the Peace candidate: Eric Bailey

County public safety levy includes pre-trial funding

Judge rules city prohibition on marijuana businesses invalid

County sending local marijuana tax question to November ballot

City considering sending charter amendments to ballot for second judge