City to consider $4.4 wastewater plant project during Oct. 4 meeting

City Commissioners will consider awarding a $4.4 million contract to Sletten Construction during their Oct. 4 meeting for the wastewater treatment plant clarifier rehabilitation project.

The project work includes: complete removal and improvements to the designated secondary clarifiers including: standpipe and mechanism replacement, effluent launder replacement, concrete surface restoration and coatings, and replacement and addition of controls equipment, according to city staff.

The city wastewater treatment plant uses three bioreactors and four secondary clarifiers in the treatment process.

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The city identified damage in late 2021 on the standpipe support column of the rotating mechanism of secondary clarified No. 2.

The standpipe damage is a significant tilt to one angle when it should be straight and plumb, according to the city staff report.

The tilt has required the precautionary measure of taking that secondary clarifier out of service, resulting in operational limitations at the wastewater treatment plant, according to city staff.

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The clarifier mechanisms of secondary clarifiers 1, 2 and 3 were constructed around 1977, according to the city. Clarifier 4 was designed and constructed in 2014, according to city staff.

In November 2021, city staff, AE2S, Veolia and Leonbro evaluated the damage to the clarified mechanism and in December 2021, AE2S provided a technical memo identifying the problem and recommended replacing the rotating clarifier mechanism, according to city staff.

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The consultants and staff recommend upgrading the clarifier mechanism to stainless steel and fiberglass, similar to clarified 4, which was built in 2014, to provide operational benefits and a longer lifespan, according to the staff report.

The memo recommended considering replacements for clarifiers 1 and 3, at the same time, but due to limited funding, staff is only proposing to replace the damaged clarifier 2 and clarifier 1 at this time, according to staff.

The City Commission approved a professional services agreement with AE2S in March 2022 for the design and bidding of the project.

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The city received one bid for the project that was comparable to the engineer’s estimate, according to staff.

The base bid was $2.36 million, plus several alternates for a total bid of $4.4 million, which staff recommends awarding.

The project has been prioritized as a needed capital improvement and is being funded through the sewer treatment fund, according to the staff report.