432-apartment complex proposed on east side of city

Plans for a 432-unit apartment complex are in the works for a vacant lot at the corner of 2nd Avenue North and 38th Street North.

The project is proposed by Trace Timmer of Silver Stone Enterprises.

Less than an acre of the 16.3 acre property has been annexed into the city and the proposal will require City Commission approval to annex the larger parcel into the city. Timmer is asking the city to assign commercial and residential zoning.

The plan calls for 12 buildings, each with 36-units, for a total of 432 apartments, as well as a building with an office and clubhouse, according to Timmer’s application.

The developer presented the proposal to Neighborhood Council 4 in August and will next go to the city planning board for review and then final consideration by the City Commission, which will require a public hearing.

The apartment buildings are proposed with three stories above ground and basement storage areas.

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Timmer is proposing residential zoning for for most of the property for the apartments and a boundary line adjustment to create a 4.5 acre parcel with commercial zoning to maintain consistency with the adjacent commercial zoning and “allows flexibility for future apartment development or commercial development if deemed financially feasible,” according to Timmer’s application.

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The developer provided a traffic impact study and the Neighborhood Council members indicated a concern with traffic along 38th Street, but voted to support the project.

The traffic study indicated the development would generate about 1,971 vehicle trips per day, with a peak of 138 in the morning and 177 in the evening.

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The project is expected to impact the existing intersections on 38th Street North at both 3rd and 2nd Avenues North, but that those intersections will “continue to operate at acceptable levels following development,” according to the application.

The intersection of 38th Street North and Central Avenue will likely require traffic mitigation, according to the application.