Feasting in the Falls business profile: Teriyaki Madness

Name: Aaron Weissman

Business name: Teriyaki Madness

Location: 1710 10th Ave. S. | 406-315-3388 | order.teriyakimadness.com

For readers who may not be familiar, tell me a little bit about you and your business: Teriyaki Madness, a fast-casual Asian restaurant concept featuring a Seattle Teriyaki menu, is committed to unconditionally satisfying guests by offering delicious, made-to-order teriyaki dishes prepared with all natural, fresh ingredients that are served quickly, at a reasonable price in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The brand is dedicated to “Spreading the Madness” so that everyone can experience the best teriyaki on earth.

Feasting in the Falls 2022

What is one of your favorite things about operating a business in Great Falls? Serving our guests! We have passionate customers that love getting fresh, made to order bowls of teriyaki at reasonable prices. Taking care of these customers and working to get them the best meal we can every time they order is our goal everyday.

What advice would you give to someone considering starting a business in Great Falls? Be prepared for hard work and long hours. Working for your customers is a humbling experience and really sharpens your focus onto what is important.

Feasting in the Falls

What is one way the community can help to support your business best (besides of course purchases)? Talk about our food and your experience! Give us an honest review on social media. If your experience is not the best, please make a point to talk to me about it so that we ca make things right.

What was one of your favorite guest experiences? About a year ago, we were contacted by a family that was about to have a huge wedding. Unfortunately, their caterer backed out with only a few days notice. Our team came together and we were able to provide the food for a 300 person wedding — in Glacier National Park — with only four days notice.

What’s something people may not know, that you would like them to know about your business? We cater! We would love to provide food for your event or party. Our catering menu is online.

What is something unique about your business? We cook fresh food from whole ingredients that we prep every day.

Has the pandemic sparked any kind of innovation at Teriyaki Madness that you have kept doing? Curbside delivery has been a huge hit! With our winter weather (and hot summers), lots of people don’t want to get out of their car to get their something tasty. We are thrilled to take your meal out to you!  Just order online on our app or website and select curbside as your dining option. When you get to our parking lot, just click “I’m here” on your app and we’ll bring it out to you, rain, shine or snow!

How do you think the food/drink scene has grown in recent years and what do you see for the future of that industry in Great Falls? The last five years have seen an explosion of great food options in the Electric City. Ten years ago, there weren’t a lot of options here. Now we have a ton of great concepts serving food from cuisines from all over the world. I am excited to see what the next five years brings!

Anything else customers should know about supporting local food establishments during Restaurant Week and beyond? Eat out and be prepared to enjoy your experience! A lot of restaurants in town are still short-staffed, so please be patient as we prepare your meal. We all do whatever we can to make your experience great and your meal perfect, but we are all human and don’t always meet our goals. If that happens, please give us a chance to make things right!

Which menu item is your favorite? Try our spicy chicken! It’s a great mix of spice, flavor and teriyaki sweet. I love it as a “power bowl” on a bed of veggies without any starches. High in fiber, conservative on carbs, huge on flavor!