Feasting in the Falls employee highlights: Chuck Fitzgerald

Name: Chuck Fitzgerald

Age: 63

Where I work: Celtic Cowboy

What I do: Lead prep at the Celtic Cowboy

What got you into the restaurant industry: I’ve been doing this for about 40 years. It’s just what I do. I grew up at a little place in Valier and helped out at my parents’ place. I’ve basically been in the food business most of my life. I guess I was kinda born into it.

Feasting in the Falls 2022

What’s your favorite thing about where you work: We’ve got a good crew. Everybody seems to get along pretty well. I like the people I work with. I get to try new things with the new chef and he teaches me new things. We started making sausages about a year ago. Chef Gregory [Rodgers] has developed new recipes and we’ve been working on that with him. I’m a corned beef fan and we’re making all our own corned beef. There’s lots of new things coming and I like learning new things. This is where I’ll probably end my career right here. I don’t want to give up yet, I’ll work as long as I can stand up.

What is your favorite thing to cook: I like to cook a version of scampi that I learned in Reno. It’s a different version than most people are used to, it’s a creamy version. I like barbecue kind of stuff so I’m getting into smoking the meats that we’re making.

What is your favorite guest experience: There’s a lot of good experiences here. A lot of people have stopped and asked what we’re doing next. That’s neat.