GFPD, GFPS respond to incident on school bus

The Great Falls Police Department said on Dec. 21 that it was notified around 3:10 p.m. of a student onboard a school bus who had shown other students a gun.

The call to police came from a family member of a student who was on the bus, according to GFPD.

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The East Middle School school resource officer responded and located the bus neat 17th Street and 9th Avenue South.

The SRO located the student on the bus and determined that the student had an airsoft gun, according to GFPD.

Possession of such an item is not illegal but it is a violation of Great Falls Public Schools policy.

North Middle student arrested related to Dec. 19 threat

Superintendent Tom Moore said that the district will continue to investigated the incident and it would result in administrative action by the district.

The SROs investigation also caused the officer to charge the 13-year-old East Middle student with disorderly conduct, which does not require a physical arrest, according to a GFPD release.

GFPS, GFPD investigating threat report at North Middle School; all GFPS schools operate normally Dec. 20

The student was cited and released to his mother, according to GFPD.

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“The Great Falls Police Department and the Great Falls Public Schools continue to take threats to our schools and our students seriously. In this case, the SRO was able to respond immediately and confirm the report, which is not always the case. The student who immediately reported this behavior to a family member should be commended. Again,
parents and guardians please talk to your students about communicating any threatening behavior to a responsible adult,” according to a GFPD release.