County awards design contract for Armington Bridge replacement

Cascade County Commissioners approved a $480,000 contract with TD&H Engineering during their Oct. 12 meeting for engineering and design services to replace the Armington Bridge.

The county also received a bid from Engineering Associates of Great Falls. Staff recommended TD&H, which scored the highest based on criteria in the request for qualifications. request for qualifications for an engineering firm to provide professional services for the project.

County in preliminary stage of replacing Armington Bridge

Construction is expected to begin in June 2022 and be completed in September 2022.

County pursuing grant for Armington Bridge repair [2020]

The existing Armington Bridge has five piers in Belt Creek that cause severe flooding when debris and trees become lodged against the bridge structure, resulting in health and safety hazards.

The bridge replacement project is an estimated $2.083 million, per the preliminary engineering report from TD&H Engineering.

Armington Bridge repair on May 26 county agenda [2020]

The county was recently awarded a $750,000 infrastructure grant through the Montana Coal Endowment Program, which was previously called the Treasure State Endowment Program.

The county has saved the $750,000 match as required by the grant in fiscal year 2021, which ended June 30, according to Mary Embleton, county budget officer.

County conducting study on possible replacement of Armington Bridge [2018]

Once engineering services are procured for the project, the firm will produce a request for construction bids sometime in 2022, Embleton said, and at that time, the county will have a better idea of the total project costs and the appropriate funding sources.

In June 2020, Cascade County Commissioners voted to accept the preliminary engineering report from TD&H, which included the preferred option of replacing the bridge with a three-span girder that has two piers in the creek.