County conducting study on possible replacement of Armington Bridge

Cascade County has received a $15,000 Treasure State Endowment Program Planning grant to study alternatives, up to replacement, of the Armington Bridge.

Debris from Belt Creek catches on the existing bridge, which has caused the water to run over the roadway on some occasions.

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Brian Clifton, county public works director, said the county has had to close the bridge several times over the last eight years when the road became impassable.

The county was notified in November that the grant was approved for the project and the county is matching $15,000.

Clifton told commissioners that after being notified that the county had received the funding, the public works department issued a request for bids and received one from TD&H.

Commissioners voted 2-0 during a special meeting Thursday to approve a $30,000 contract to TD&H for a preliminary engineering report on the bridge.

Once that report is completed, Clifton said the county could apply for construction grants to implement the alternatives recommended in the report, up to replacing the bridge entirely.