City planning installation of new restroom in Lions Park

During their June 15 meeting, City Commissioners will consider awarding $79,447.61 contract to Horn Construction for utility and site work for the new precast concrete restroom at Lions Park.

The project new restroom will replace the aging restroom located in Lions Park and will be installed by CXT of Spokane. Commissioner approved the purchase of the restroom from CXT in April.

Commissioners approve new restroom for Lions Park

The new restroom will include a handicap stall, two stalls and two sinks on the women’s side; and a handicap stall, one stall, one urinal and two sinks on the men’s side.

It will also include an ADA drinking fountain unit on the exterior of the building.

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The existing restroom includes two stalls and one sink in both the women’s and men’s side, plus a family restroom with one toilet and one sink.

The existing restroom will be repurposed.

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Design services were completed by NCI under the direction of the Park and Recreation Department and city engineering. NCI will also provide project management services. A city engineer will provide general contract management with the consultant and the contractor.

The contract with Horn Construction will include constructing a gravel building pad for the prefabricated restroom at Lion’s Park, utility stubs, floor drains and cleanouts; installing water and sewer services and connecting to existing mains; and installing site electrical and electrical modifications in existing pavilion building, according to the city staff report.

City planning board unanimously recommends permit approval for aquatic center in Lions Park

After CXT installs the prefabricated restroom, Horn will install concrete sidewalk, concrete entrance pads and sod.
Evaluation and Selection Process

The city received three bids for the project ranging from $79,447.61 to $116,750. Horn Construction submitted the low bid.

City continuing plans on aquatics center for Lions Park

The project is being funded through the park maintenance district fund.