Commissioners approve new restroom for Lions Park

City Commissioners approved the purchase of a $152,265 precast concrete restroom for Lions Park.

It’s the second purchase of a precast concrete restroom from CXT, Inc. out of Spokane, for the city, the first was purchased last year and is being installed in Oddfellows Park.

The structure for Lions will replace the existing aging restroom.

The new restroom will include a handicap stall, two stalls and two sinks on the women’s side; and a handicap stall, one stall, one urinal and two sinks on the men’s side.

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It will also include an ADA drinking fountain unit on the exterior of the building, according to city staff.

Steve Herrig, Park and Recreation director, told The Electric that if all goes as planned the new restroom will be installed before the city breaks ground on the new aquatics center in the park and it will go just to the west of the pavillion.

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The existing restroom includes two stalls and one sink in both the women’s and men’s side, plus a family restroom with one toilet and one sink. The existing restroom will be repurposed, according to Park and Recreation.

The city has a membership with Sourcewell, a service cooperative, to view their competitive bid contracts and to interact directly with awarded vendors to facilitate purchases, according to city staff.

The new restroom was budgeted for this year’s park maintenance district funds.