Oddfellows Park restroom contract on March 16 city agenda

City Commissioners will consider a $151,308 contract during their March 16 meeting for the demolition of the existing restroom at Oddfellows Park, as well as utility and site work for the new restroom.

The project is funded with park maintenance district dollars.

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The contract includes:

  • Demolition, removal and disposal of the existing restroom building, concrete slab, utilities, and
    septic tank;
  • Installation of electrical facilities to serve the new restroom building and existing electrical
    pedestals near the old restroom;
  • Installation of a new duplex grinder sewage pump station with controls;
  • Installation of approximately 560 L.F of 1-1/4” HDPE sewer force main inclusive of approximately 140
    L.F. of directional drilled installation at two street crossings;
  • Installation of approximately 190 L.F. of 1-inch copper water service line, and construction of a compacted gravel building pad foundation for installation of a new prefabricated restroom building (installed by manufacturer CXT) inclusive of utility stubs, floor drains and clean-outs.

Staff considered a bid additive to install a 275-gallon wet well for grinder pump station, but that portion had bids ranging from $43,118 to $58,948 on top of the base bid. That additive is not recommended for award due to lack of available funds, according to Park and Recreation staff.

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The existing restroom is not ADA accessible and includes two toilet stalls and two sinks on the women’s side and two toilet stalls, two urinals and one sink on the men’s side, according to city staff.

The new concrete restroom has already purchased from CXT, Inc. of Spokane, Wash. with a contract approved by the City Commission in May 2020.

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The new restroom will be delivered at installed by CXT in conjunction with this project and includes an ADA toilet stall, four toilet stalls and two sinks on the women’s side; and an ADA toilet stall, two toilet stalls, two urinals and two sinks on the men’s side as well as an ADA drinking fountain on the exterior of the building, according to city staff.

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The existing restroom is connected to an on-site drain field and the project will remove the septic tank. The new restroom will connect to the city waste water system.