Bank planning new site on river, proposed land swap would allow trail connection on 10th Street Bridge

Updated March 9 at 4 p.m.

Independence Bank has purchased land along the Missouri River located in between the 9th Street North Bridge and the old 10th Street Bridge, near the former Falls Construction site and the Missouri River Diner.

The bank is planning to construct a new three-story building for itself with offices and a small coffee shop.

The bank and city are planning a land swap that would also allow future connection for the River’s Edge Trail to the 10th Street Bridge.

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“The bank, as well as the city, agreed that based on the appraisals of the properties, the best approach was for each entity to subdivide its property to create second lots of similar land value. Additionally, the city is subdividing its property instead of moving the boundary line due to contamination of the soil that requires a restrictive covenants not allowing residential use. The City and the bank are working with DEQ to finalize the covenants,” according to the staff report.

The city planning board voted unanimously on March 9 to recommend that the City Commission approve the subdivision requests for the project. The commission will consider the requests for final action at an upcoming meeting.

According to Bruce Pollington of the River’s Edge Trail Foundation, the swap would allow future realignment of River’s Edge Trail between 9th and 10th streets.

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When completed, the new trail would continue downstream along the river embankment from under the 9th Street Bridge to the south abutment of the 10th Street Bridge. From there, trail users could continue downstream using existing trail along River Drive North or cross the Historic Tenth Street Bridge to connect with north shore trails, according to the foundation.

Once a connector trail is established between the bridge and the existing trail along River Drive North, the trail and bridge would open to public access.

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“The new alignment offers two significant advantages over current trail at that location. First, the new route provides both safety and scenic improvements. Second, it establishes a permanent River’s Edge Trail connection to the south end of 10th Street Bridge. With trail connections at both ends of the bridge, the 10th Street Bridge becomes a new, fully separated river crossing for pedestrians and bicycles. In addition, the new route provides an opportunity to experience the incredible restoration work that has followed successful efforts to save the historic bridge,” according to the foundation.

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Independence Bank is requesting a minor subdivision so that the city can acquire a parcel along the Missouri River to allow the public access to the bridge and eventual trail connection.

Two new lots would be created from the existing and Lot 1, which is 0.921 acres, will be developed as commercial property by the bank.

Lot 2, which is 0.336 acres, would be deeded to the city.

There’s also a request for a minor subdivision to create a new lot to be deeded to the bank for a portion of the parking for the new bank. This lot is the location of a city-owned sewer main which will not be disturbed, according to the city, and the existing easement will remain for access to the main.

From that lot, the city would retain 1.080 acres.

City utility services are currently in place for the extension of service lines to serve the bank portion of the development at the bank’s expense.

Information about the proposed subdivision was provided to Neighborhood Council and no comments have been received, according to city planning staff.

Staff is recommending approval of the subdivisions.