Business in Profile: Anchor Fitness

Tamara Podry, 34, owner of Anchor Fitness is from southern California and came to Great Falls for the affordability and “more wholesome lifestyle.”

She stayed for that reason and the “opportunity to grow our business, less competition, more room for growth. Also the open space and freedom that Montana has to offer.”

Podry said she opened the business here when a friend offered a free space to use and “I saw that I could offer something the community didn’t already have.”

What are the top 3 advantages to operating a business in Great Falls?

“Smaller community means more connection with people and our business is people-focused, there’s room for growth, less ‘red tape’ than in California and other bigger states.”

What are the top 3 challenges?

“Low income levels means people have less room in their budget, not being from here means that we have to work hard to create a network and connect with people, whereas a native Great Fallsian has the relationships that help them get established, can’t think of a third.”

If there was one thing you could change to existing regulations to remove barriers to business, what would it be?

“I don’t have any issues with any regulations.”

What advice would you give to someone considering starting a business in Great Falls?

“Be patient! The community can be slow to embrace a new business and the good that you’re trying to offer. Get connected and be authentic. Have a social media plan, it helps a lot! Reach out to the Great Falls Development Authority, they have been a sounding board, resource and great support when I felt like giving up!”