Great Falls High pool locker rooms renovated with $20,000 donation

The Great Falls High School swimming pool locker rooms were renovated this summer, while the pool was closed due to COVID-19, thanks to a $20,000 annonynmous donation that was matched by the Great Falls Public Schools district.

“This donation means all of our boys’ and girls’ shower towers work and we were able to re-plumb the swimsuit dryers in the locker rooms,” Bob Stingley, pool manager, said in a release. “Everything is fully functional and it will help get swimmers in and out quicker.”

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Stingley has taught swimming for 19 years and said in a release that the pool and locker rooms are heavily used by both C.M. Russell and Great Falls high school swim teams, the local Rapids swim teams and public swimmers who take advantage of the pool for swim lessons, water aerobics and lap swimming. All GFH freshmen and sophomores take swimming as a part of their P.E. curriculum, according to a release from the Great Falls Public Schools Foundation

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In addition to the plumbing work, the school’s custodial crew also painted the spectator balcony area. Stingley hopes the improvements will solidify Great Falls’ chance to host the state high school swim meet every year. Great Falls currently is host about every other year, according to the release.

“This pool facility upgrade is an economic boost for the community,” Dave Crum, GFPS Foundation executive director. “We couldn’t do what we do without the generosity of our donors.”

This donation brings the Foundation’s total facility enhancement donations over the last three years to $3.7 million.