Apollos University is expanding its downtown footprint

Apollos University is expanding into a new, street level space at 600 Central Ave.

Apollos moved to Great Falls in the fall of 2016 and it allowed the privately owned, distance education institution to grow and expand, according to Dr. Scott Eidson, Apollos president.

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Not only did he move the university to Montana, Eidson said, “we fell in love with Great Falls and moved our family here as well in 2018. It’s really been great, both personally and professionally.”

The full administrative functions will continue upstairs in Suite 215 and the new space will provide additional services to existing and prospective students as well as a greater connection with downtown patrons, Eidson said.

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“We’re really excited to be a part of the Great Falls community and begin this next chapter in our university history,” Eidson said. “The new space will be used as our admissions office and as a student center where our students can relax, study and connect with one another and their university as they complete their courses either fully online or in our blended course offerings that include face-to-face classes.”

Classrooms for the on-ground class portions will also take place at the 600 Central location.

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Eidson told The Electric that the new space opens possibilities for the university in terms of hosting community events and helping with the revitalization of Central Avenue and the downtown cityscape.

“The 600 Central Plaza offers something for everyone,” Eidson said. “We have Inge’s Fashions right across the foyer, you can get your haircut at Falls Barbershop, your nails done at a nail salon of your choosing, get your clothes mended at Alterations by Lori, and a wide array of other services and businesses. Great Falls students attending Apollos will have the opportunity to have a one-stop shop while earning their degree.”

Renovations are currently underway and plans are to have the space available to the public by the first week of August.