Motifs closing brick and mortar to move online; Belles and Lace moving into space

Motifs for the Home is going online at the end of July and Belles and Lace Bridal is moving into the brick and mortar space at 417 Central Ave.

Kattie Meyer, owner of Motfis, told The Electric that with her family being her top priority, she’s stretched too thin to maintain the brick and mortar store, but will continue operating the shop online, offering local delivery and pickup as well as shipping.

“It’s just kind of the way of the world now,” Meyer said of online shopping in an interview with The Electric. “I have to be smart about how I do business and if that’s how people want to shop, I’m going to focus on that.”

Her website is down currently while it’s being revamped, but Meyer said she’ll also maintain the Facebook page and Facebook group, Motifs Silver Linings.

Meyer said she’ll also continue to host and participate in pop-up shopping events. Gift cards will be honored for online sales.

She’ll be discontinuing furniture sales, but will continue with smaller home decor goods and expand into new products and lines.

“Owning a boutique store was always a dream of mine and I’m so grateful for the relationships that have cultivated from operating Motifs. There are countless of you that have become near and dear friends and I cherish the camaraderie that we’ve developed together at Motifs. If this transition is disheartening to any of you, by all means, blame my husband! Once our third blessing graced our family, he’s insisted I back away from the store. Make no doubt, the hectic build up to the Holiday season and Saturdays all throughout the year will be comforting to share with my family,” Meyer said in a Facebook post.

Meyer bought the business and the building six years ago and will now lease the space to Courteney and Sue Ferrin of Belles and Lace Bridal, which is currently located at 320 Central Ave.

Courteney Ferrin told The Electric that the new space is lower rent and a more modern building. Plus, they love the 400 block and the shops that will be their neighbors.

“Being on the same block as Kaufmans Menswear is nice too and Really Montana Photography,” Courtney Ferrin said.

She said they’ll be adding some dressing rooms, but otherwise the space won’t need much in the way of renovations.

Belles and Lace will be closed the last week of July and the first week of August while they move to the new space, she said.