City planning $2.48 million water main replacement on lower northside

A $2.48 million water main replacement project is on the June 16 City Commission agenda.

The project will replace more than 3,700 feet of water main along 6th Avenue North from Park Drive to 7th Street North, along 5th Avenue North from Park Drive to 7th Street North, and along 7th Street North from 5th Avenue North to 6th Avenue North.

City planning to use state gas tax funds for road repair

“These water mains are about 130 years old and when a water main fails it can result in property damage, roadway damage, and disruption to water service for local residents. This project will also reconstruct the streets, handicap ramps, and curb and gutters along the same corridors,” according to the city staff report.

The project will replace existing cast iron pipe with 8-inch and 12-inch PVC pipe.

The water main replacement includes eight new fire hydrants.

The street reconstruction will include:

  • ADA compliant handicap ramps at the intersections;
  • curb and gutter;
  • storm drain inlets;
  • and asphalt road surfacing

The work will require closing portions of 5th Avenue North, 6th Avenue North and 7th Street North while the water main is being replaced and the roadway reconstructed, according to the city staff report, but local access and temporary water will be provided to affected residences.

City planning to use gas tax funds for water main, street repair

The project is scheduled to begin in early August and be completed by November.

City engineering staff designed the project and will perform construction inspection and contract administration duties.

Two bids were received ranging from $2,481,170.00 to $2,942,205.78.

United Materials was the low bid and city staff is recommending that commissioners award the contract.

The water main replacement portion of the project will be funded through the Water Capital Improvement Funds and the street reconstruction portion will be funded with Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability Act Fuel Tax revenue funding.

The funding breakdown, based on the numbers from United Materials bid, is:
Water Funding = $782,695.00
Storm Funding = $185,850.00
BARSA/Street Funding = $1,512,625.00
Total estimated cost = $2,481,170.00

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality and the Montana Department of Transportation have both reviewed and approved this project.