City planning to use state gas tax funds for road repair

City Commissioners will consider during their Feb. 4 meeting authorizing staff to request the city’s distribution of Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability Act funds from the Montana Department of Transportation.

The city’s portion this year is $1,088,839.94.

The BarSAA funding was created in the 2017 Legislature with a graduated six cent increase in the motor fuel tax by fiscal year 2023. Under the law, each fiscal year, 35 percent or $9.8 million of the proceeds, whichever is greater, is allocated to MDT and the remainder is allocated to local governments. That portion is estimated to be $21 million by fiscal year 2021, which begins July 1.

City planning to use gas tax funds for water main, street repair

Municipalities may request distribution of their funds beginning March 1 annually and local governments must match all BaRSAA distributions with a 5 percent funding match.

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This year, the city’s match is $54,442 and will come from Public Works Street Division’s maintenance funds, according to the staff report.

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The city can use the BaRSAA funds for the construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and repair of city streets, alleys, and bridges that the city has the responsibility to maintain.

City staff is proposing to use this year’s funds for  the second phase of Encino Drive Grande Vista 2 street repairs and Upper River Road reconstruction extending from Overlook Drive to 19th Avenue South.