Maclean requesting extension for submitting proposals for operation of city animal shelter

Some city commissioners have been discussing potential partnerships with the Maclean-Cameron Animal Adoption Center since February and public discussions began in the spring.

The discussions have centered around whether a partnership in some form would be beneficial to the operation of the Great Falls Animal Shelter.

In October, City Manager Greg Doyon presented a draft request for proposals for the operation of the city’s animal shelter and asked for commissioners to review and provide feedback.

During the Nov. 5 meeting there was brief discussion and Commissioner Mary Moe sent comments via email requesting that the process be open to any potential bidders. Doyon had recommended only requesting proposals from Maclean since he believes they are the agency in the region with the ability to provide the needed services.

The request for proposals was released on Nov. 15 with a Jan. 8 deadline for submissions.

On Nov. 19, city clerk’s office received a letter from Pam Volk, Maclean’s director, asking for a 30-60 day extension.

In the letter, Volk wrote that “in making your decision regarding this request, we ask that the parties involved consider the fact that three federal holidays will occur between the time this RFP was issued and its due date. In addition, during this same timeframe our [board] president has a week-long, pre-planned commitment for which she already has
plane and lodging reservations.”

During their Dec. 3 meeting, commissioners will consider whether to extend the RFP deadline by 30 or 60 days or keep the original Jan. 8 deadline.

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