Park district projects continuing, some completed this year

This week, the Park and Recreation Department updated City Commissioners on the park district projects completed so far and those that are upcoming.

The voters approved the $1.5 million park maintenance district assessment on the May 2018 ballot that is being used to address more than $12 million in deferred maintenance for Park and Rec.

The park district is for 20 years, but for the first three years, the city is keeping the assessment level at $1.5 million.

Commission agenda includes setting public hearings on taxes and budget for July 16

The priorities for 2019, the first year of the park district, are based on the 2016 Master Plan and are:

  • ADA park restroom improvements: $200,000
  • Electric City Water Park bath house improvements: $300,000
  • Gibson Park Trail overlay with asphalt: $100,000
  • sports courts resurface for pickleball/basketball at Jaycee Park: $120,000
  • ADA sidewalks to play structures: $30,000
  • irrigation upgrades (manual to automatic): $220,000
  • turf maintenance (fertilizer/herbicides, two seasonal laborers): $80,000
  • full-time parks laborer: $63,000
  • Multi Sports dugouts/backstop: $35,000
  • picnic pavilion, tables at Jaycee Park: $64,000
  • River’s Edge Trail matching funds: $10,000
  • architectural/engineering/contract administration services for major repairs: $278,000

So far, Park and Rec has completed the Multi Sports complex project, which included dugouts, backstops and fencing for $42,500.

Park and Rec improvements underway, through park district, grants, CDBG funds

The Electric City Water Park Bathhouse was recently completed and is now open. That was a total renovation of the 1930s-era building including the lobby, locker rooms, restrooms, added family changing rooms, windows, building exterior and ADA improvements.

That project used $335,000 in park district funds and $282,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds.

Electric City Water Park, with newly renovated bath house, opens June 10

Steve Herrig, Park and Rec director, told commissioners that the department had submitted a request for additional CDBG funds for the bathhouse project to free up park district funds for more projects.

Gibson Park restroom contract on Tuesday’s agenda for next park district project

Gibson Park restrooms are next on the list. The commission approved a $17,000 professional services agreement with LPW Architecture for the design and in June awarded a $71,500 contract to Wadsworth Builders Company for the remodel.

Park district projects continuing; plus golf course, dog park and tree trimming improvements

The project includes adding another urinal in the men’s restroom and another toilet on the women’s side. The project will also update lighting and plumbing fixtures, add an air conditioning unit and add an ADA accessible serving window to the concessions space.

Herrig said they anticipate construction beginning this fall. That project is currently looking to come in under budget, he said.

Park and Rec is also working on plan for the Gibson Park Trail improvement. Herrig said they’re working with city engineering and streets divisions, but they’ll likely have to contract the project since it will be tough to find someone with small enough machinery to lay asphalt on the trail, Herrig said. That project may come in over budget.

Park and Rec improvements underway, through park district, grants, CDBG funds

The department is looking to bid that project late this summer and begin construction in the fall.

Work at Jaycee Park is also underway to turn the tennis courts into pickleball courts and resurface the basketball courts; install an ADA sidewalk to the courts, play structure and pavilion, and install a pavilion. The total project is estimated at $188,290.

Herrig said the pavilion is ordered and geotechnical work was completed for the basketball courts.

Other projects currently in progress include the transition for irrigation from manual to an automatic system. The city is doing that as a combination of in-house and contract work and has spent $39,227 so far this year.

ADA sidewalks to play structures will be installed throughout the fall, he said.

The department has hired one full-time laborer through a long-term seasonal employee.

At some point, if projects come in under budget and the department has enough money, Herrig said they’d like to purchase new playground equipment to replace the last wooden structure at Grande Vista Park.

Project planned for next year include:

  • Elk’s Riverside Trail improvements: $308,000
  • Forestry equipment: $259,000
  • Forestry staff and operations: $171,800
  • Irrigation upgrades, continuing manual to auto: $70,000
  • ADA park restroom improvements: $250,000
  • Turf maintenance, fertilizer/herbicide, two seasonal laborers: $80,000
  • River’s Edge Trail match: $10,000
  • Tree planting: $10,000
  • Full-time parks laborer: $63,000
  • Contingency: $278,400

Plans for year three include:

  • ADA park restroom improvements: $200,000
  • Gibson Park pond wall: $165,000
  • Grande Vista trail replacement with asphalt: $96,000
  • Resurface basketball courts: $75,000
  • ADA sidewalks to play structures: $50,000
  • Tree replacement: $10,000
  • Multi Sports dugouts/backstop: $35,000
  • River’s Edge Trail matching funds: $10,000
  • Irrigation upgrades: $250,000
  • Turf maintenance: $80,000
  • Full-time parks laborer: $63,000
  • Forestry staff and operations: $171,600
  • Contingency: $294,400