Gibson Park restroom contract on Tuesday’s agenda for next park district project

The next major park maintenance district project is up for City Commission consideration this week.

During the June 4 meeting, commissioners will consider awarding a $71,500 contract to Wadsworth Builders Company to remodel the Gibson Park restroom.

Park district projects continuing; plus golf course, dog park and tree trimming improvements

The project includes adding another urinal in the men’s restroom and another toilet on the women’s side. The project will also update lighting and plumbing fixtures, add an air conditioning unit and add an ADA accessible serving window to the concessions space.

The city received four bids for the project in late May and the prices ranged from $71,5000 to $112,443.

Wadsworth submitted the low bid.

Park and Rec improvements underway, through park district, grants, CDBG funds

The 2016 Park and Recreation Master Plan identified $2.9 million in critical needs in Gibson Park, part of the total $12.6 million of needs department wide.

The restroom project will be the first of those critical needs in Gibson Park.

The Park and Recreation Department contracted with L’Heureux Page Werner Architecture to design, bid and manage the project.

A trail overlay in the park is also expected as one of the next park district projects.

Park district projects underway

The city is completing improvements to the Electric City Water Park bath house and hoping to be complete in time for the June 7 opening.

The bath house was one of the first major projects to be completed under the park maintenance district and was also augmented with funds from the Community Development Block Grant program.

First Great Falls park district approved, assessment will appear on fall tax bills

Next year, Park and Rec will be completing improvements in Jaycee Park, to include resurfacing the tennis courts to create six pickleball courts, among other improvements.

City received two grants for West Bank Park improvements

Irrigation improvements are also underway and one full-time staffer has been hired using park district funds, which was included in the department’s three-year plan.

The park maintenance district assessment will go before the City Commission again this year, as required by law, for the assessment rate to be set. The city is expected to keep the rate at a total of $1.5 million each year over the first three years. The district has a 20 year term and was approved by the voters last year.