County resumes discussions on proposed changes to zoning regulations

The Cascade County planning board meets at 5:30 p.m. June 12 to consider proposed changes to the county’s zoning regulations.

In May, the board voted 4-2 not to revise the growth policy.

County reviewing growth policy

The board largely agreed that the five primary goals included in the 2014 document had not changed.

The board effectively put the zoning regulations on hold while discussing whether the growth policy should be updated.

County planning board finds growth policy adequate; asks for zoning, medical marijuana amendments

The county planning staff has been reviewing the existing zoning regulations and in February started the review process with public meetings.

Cascade County continuing review of proposed changes to zoning regulations

Since the planning board decided that the growth policy is sufficient, it is now turning its attention back to staff’s proposed changes to the zoning regulations.

The staff report is available here.

Compiled public comments about the proposed changes are available here.

Additional comments received June 3-10 are available here.