Longtime friends opening Elevation 3330 in downtown Great Falls

It’s been 22 years in the making and Great Falls’ newest public house is nearly ready to open.

Elevation 3330 is going into the second story of Four Ten Central, also known as the Strain Building.

It will feature 24 beers on tap, high-end keg wine plus another 40 bottles on hand, cocktails with dry ice and the city’s first suspendlet.

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The public house is the brain child of three long time friends: Brandon Cartwright, Joe Anderegg and Trever Ziegler.

They’re planning a soft opening for April 11 and the grand opening is April 12.

They’ll be open 3:30-10 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 3:30-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Elevation 3330 pano

Elevation 3330 at Four Ten Central in downtown Great Falls. Photos courtesy Elevation 3330.

Cartwright said Elevation 3330 is really the story of the three friends.

“It’s the relationship that’s 22 years in the making and finally bringing something that’s completely ours,” the Great Falls native said.

The name comes from Great Falls’ actual elevation of 3330 feet above sea level.

They’d already settled on the name when they were doing interior demolition for the remodel on the second floor of what was once the Strain Building and found 3333.36 hand written on an original structural beam that remains.

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Ziegler is from Havre and selected their beers to have on tap that range from Montana beers to tasty brews from other regions of the U.S. Ziegler also designed their walk-in cooler that positions beers based on how they taste at certain temperatures so they’re at their best right out of the tap.

Anderegg is originally from Wisconsin but has been in Great Falls for years and is the general manager at Elevation 3330.

“We’ve done a little bit of everything together,” Anderegg said. “It just always seems we come back together.”

Elevation 3330 will be the “true definition of what a public house is, for all people to come together…have a place to be together and talk” Cartwright said.

They want it to be a place where people “feel at home and feel comfortable,” Anderegg said.

After they’ve been open for a few months, they’re planning to pair food with wine, beer and cocktails based on elevations worldwide, such as Japan, Spain and more.

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It will be a way to feature new things and introduce patrons to things they might not otherwise taste, Anderegg said.

In addition to beer and wine, Elevation 3330 has put its own twist on a fishbowl cocktail.

Among the beer and wine, they’re also putting their own spin on a fishbowl. They’ll serve it in a french press with dry ice so that the concoction can sit on the table, stay cool and “it really does affect the taste,” Cartwright said.

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They’ll have a limited food menu.

Elevation team

The three friends behind Elevation 3330: Joe Anderegg, Brandon Cartwright and Trever Ziegler. Photo courtesy Elevation 3330.

The partners had worked together in construction in the past and they built the bar, tables and more at Elevation 3330. The back bar is a modern take on the old Brunswick bar and was designed by Ziegler.

They’ll open without the balcony but are hoping to have that open in time for Crusin’ the Drag in early May.

The balcony will be about 40 feet by 9 feet and they’ve dubbed it the suspendlet since it will be the second floor and will open onto Central Avenue. The building owner, Jason Madill, received a grant through the Business Improvement District’s pedlet program.

The two middle garage doors facing Central Avenue will open to the balcony.

A railing will go in front of the other two so the doors can still be open and people can stand and look out over the street.

The suspendlet will have about 50 seats and there will be about 150 seats inside.

The balcony was a major part of the Elevation 3330 team choosing the second story location.

Anderegg said the city had been great to work with in making the balcony work, because if they couldn’t have that, a second floor location wouldn’t have worked for them.

The city was on board right away and “on this they’ve been super solid,” Cartwright said.

Enbar and the Mighty Mo have also been supportive and they’re planning to work together to have events and promotions to keep people downtown.

A mural of their logo was painted by Hana Maunu, a cake decorator at Crooked Tree Coffee and Cakes.

Having more small businesses downtown brings more people downtown and builds momentum.

Patrons will be able to access the bar from entrances on Central, 4th Street South and through the parking garage.

Cartwright said it’s been a long process but they’ve been able to create a space that they had envisioned.

“It’s been 22 years in the making. We used to talk about ‘wouldn’t it be cool if we owned a bar,'” Anderegg said.