Air Force conducts ICBM test launch in California

The Air Force conducted a test launch of an unarmed intercontinental ballistic missile earlier this week.

The test launches are conducted at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The Air Force typically conducts four test launches ICBMs annually and the tests are not related to real world events since they’re planned six months to a year in advance, according to the Air Force.

This week’s test used a missile pulled from the Minot AFB missile complex in North Dakota, according to local California reports.

Malmstrom missile used in test launch

Missiles are pulled randomly from the missile complexes at each of the Air Force’s three ICBM wings, which are Minot, F.E. Warren in Wyoming and Malmstrom in Montana.

Anomaly causes termination of Malmstrom ICBM during test launch

The missiles are transported to California and crews from the base where the missile originated travel to Vandenberg to conduct the launches.

Malmstrom missiles were used in test launches in July and November last year.