County to consider another rezone to heavy industrial near Giant Springs park

County Commissioners are scheduled to hold a public hearing Tuesday on a request to rezone a property near Giant Springs State Park from light industrial to heavy industrial.

The hearing will likely be postponed into August since Commissioner Jane Weber will be absent and indicated she would like to make comments during the hearing about “zone creep.”

The property is currently owned by Albert Kunesh who has a buy-sell agreement with Charles Mesler and they are requesting the zone change.

County planning board to consider rezoning 13-acres to heavy industrial

The 13-acre property is currently being rented to Jason Nichols Sprinklers, which installs lawn and garden sprinkler systems and provides landscaping design and construction.

The property borders a 13-acre parcel that was recently rezoned from I-1 to I-2.

County finalizes rezone of industrial property

The rezone will allow the sprinkler company to expand their business activities and allow for future industrial growth in the area, according to the application. It will also help the company bid on contracts, a similar issue that the neighboring property owners faced when government contracts required a heavy industrial zoning.

Mesler has also been in discussions with M&D Construction for equipment storage since the City Commission did not approve a conditional use permit for M&D at their location on 8th Avenue North, where it meets Park Drive and 6th Street North, at the east end of Gibson Park.

In April, County Commissioners finalized the rezoning of an adjacent parcel along the railroad track from I-1 to I-2.

The property owner requested that zone change after bidding on a contract that required his business be in a heavy industrial area, according to county planners.

“I get a little nervous when we are moving industrial further along,” said Commissioner Jane Weber during that meeting and voted against the rezoning.

During last week’s work session, Weber indicated she’d have comments about the rezoning and Carey Ann Haight from the county attorney’s office asked if commissioners wanted to postpone the item until all three commissioners would be present.

Weber said she suspected her vote wouldn’t make a difference but she would like to make comments.

Since the hearing was already publicly noticed, Haight suggested they keep it on Tuesday’s agenda and then make a motion to postpone the hearing and the vote.

The planning board voted to recommend the rezone during their June meeting.