County finalizes rezone of industrial property

A 13-acre property along the railroad track and near Giant Springs State Park has been rezoned from I-1 light industrial to I-2 heavy industrial.

The property owner, John Paul, requested the rezone. The county commission adopted a resolution of intent to rezone the property on Feb. 27 and received no written objections during the 30-day comment period, according to planning staff.
County Commission to consider doctor contract, grant for bulletproof vests, rezoning for industrial property

Paul’s business, Pre-Engineered Fire Systems, has operated on the property for awhile and has no plans to change operations. Paul requested the zone change after bidding on a contract that required his business be in a heavy industrial area, according to Sandor Hopkins, a county planner.

“I get a little nervous when we are moving industrial further along,” said Commissioner Jane Weber, but she added that she understood the need and commissioners voted 2-1 to finalize the rezone, with Weber opposed.

Paul’s property is located at 4725 22nd Ave. N., behind Steel Etc.