Hearing rescheduled in county lawsuit; ZBOA application period closed

The hearing on the motion to dismiss the case against Cascade County over zoning board appointments has been rescheduled to 9 a.m. June 22.

Judge Olivia Rieger of Glendive is presiding over the case and will hear arguments via VisionNet.

Hearing in ZBOA lawsuit postponed due to squirrel-caused power outage

The hearing was originally set for June 1, but was postponed when a squirrel knocked out the VisionNet system.

Ryan Villines, an applicant for the Zoning Board of Adjustment, filed suit alleging that the county was violating his right to participate in government and that the criteria the county had used for applicants, including a 7-mile radius residency, was unlawful.

Motion to dismiss filed in Villines’ case against Cascade County over ZBOA vacancy

The county has since removed all criteria for the ZBOA applicants and is scheduled to make an appointment during their June 12 meeting.

Applications for the board were due 5 p.m. June 4.

County received 10 applications for one ZBOA seat; commission postpones appointment to June 12

The applicants are: Stephen Barton, Jerry Dolson, Nancy Donovan, Pat Goodover, Don Harboway, JC Kantorowicz, Michele Levine, Richard Liebert, Tony Lucas, Bruce Moore, Dale Nelson, Jesse Oldham Jr., Robert Polich, Robbie Regennitter, William Sparklin and Ryan Villines.

All of the applications are available for view here.