City looking at costs, options to repair Natatorium, Civic Center, wave rider

The city is continuing to evaluate the situation at the Morony Natatorium and considering options for repairs.

City Manager Greg Doyon told commissioners on Tuesday that the city is also evaluating the cost to repair the Wave Rider pad at the Electric City Water Park.

For the Natatorium, the city has a mason ready to conduct a test of the brick facade, but the mason needs 48 hours of temperatures above 50 degrees to conduct the test that involves removing bricks and then replacing them, said Steve Herrig, park and recreation director.

Natatorium reopens, facade repairs still in the works

The city is considering options for adding metal siding to the exterior of the building where the brick facade fell off in January.

Brick facade falls off Natatorium, pool closed until repairs can be completed

The rough estimate so far is $35,000 to $40,000 for the siding, Herrig said.

The city is also evaluating the structural situation for the facade and the roof at the Civic Center.

Last fall, the commission approved a $494,060 professional services agreement for architectural and engineering design services for repairs to the Civic Center.

City approves tax abatement, Civic Center contract, TIF funding, fire engine donation and more

Doyon told commissioners on Tuesday that some drawings have been completed and some exploratory testing will be conducted later this month.

Commission to consider engineering agreement for Civic Center repairs

Hopefully by June, Doyon said, the city will know the full score of the required work and the cost.

During Tuesday’s work session, Doyon told commissioners that he was hoping to build up non-voted debt capacity to pay for the Civic Center. The cost estimate so far for the repairs is $8 million to $9 million.

“So there’s no doubt, we’d have to go to the voters,” Doyon said, referring to the city’s voted debt capacity, which requires a public ballot.