Natatorium reopens, facade repairs still in the works

A week after part of the exterior brick facade fell off the Morony Natatorium, the pool has reopened.

Steve Herrig, Park and Recreation director, said the city had structural assessments conducted and the building was deemed safe so the pool reopened on Jan. 31.

Only part of the facade fell and the city removed the remainder of the facade on the upper front wall of the building.

Brick facade falls off Natatorium, pool closed until repairs can be completed

A fence has been placed around the building and a temporary emergency exit will be installed, Herrig said, allowing the building to return to maximum capacity, which is more than 400 people, and it’s rare to have anywhere near that many people in the building at one time.

Morony Natatorium

Brick facade fell from the upper front wall at the Morony Natatorium in January 2018. Photo by Jenn Rowell | The Electric

Once the facade was removed, wall joints were sealed to protect from water seepage and other cracks were sealed. The roof remains structurally sound for the time being, Herrig said.

The Park and Rec staff is working to fund a full assessment of the building before making minor repairs to the building.

The failing facade was not anticipated until a few months ago, so city staff are working to identify funding sources for the repairs.


The Natatorium, 111 12th St. N., was built in 1966 and is beyond its expected lifespan, according to city officials.

Some pool fees proposed to increase 50 cents


In 2014, the city reduced operating hours and increased at the Natatorium in an effort to balance the maintenance needs at the facility.