FWP accepting comment on proposed hunting regulations

The deadline to comment on proposed hunting regulations for 2024/2025 hunting seasons is Nov. 21.

Every other year, broad changes to hunting regulations are considered through a public process that includes public scoping and comment on regulation changes proposed by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.

Ultimately the Fish and Wildlife Commission adopts most hunting seasons for two-year intervals.

This season-setting process looks at all aspects of hunting regulations, including season structure, regulations and hunting district boundaries, according to FWP.

The commission will vote on hunting regulations for the 2024/2025 hunting season during its Dec. 14 meeting, which will include the opportunity for public comment.

The proposed regulations maintain conservative measures FWP already put into place last year and earlier this year to address mule deer declines in parts of Montana.

View the proposed regulations and and comment here.

The public can also comment on the following items on the commission’s Dec. 14 agenda:

  • game damage management season
  • translocation of marten
  • Town of Circle urban deer management plan
  • consolidated public use rules
  • weapons restrictions in certain state parks
  • Flathead Indian Reservation non-member fishing and bird hunting regulations