CMR football coach resigns

Dennis Morris, head football coach at C.M. Russell High School, submitted his resignation.

Morris has been the head football coach for the Rustlers for the last four seasons, according to Mike Henneberg, GFPS athletics director.

In a release, Henneberg said Morris was resigning to “pursue other professional opportunities and challenges.”

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Henneberg said Morris is “highly organized and was dedicated to the football program at C.M. Russell.”

GFPS and CMR High “appreciate Dennis’ work ethic and commitment to the C.M. Russell football program and recognize his contributions to the entire athletic department at CMR,” Henneberg said.

The head football coach position at CMR will be advertised beginning Dec. 4 with the goal of naming a new coach in early 2024, Henneberg said in a release.

Applications will be submitted via the GFPS website once the position is posted.

GFPS pays annual stipends for coaching duties. Coaching isn’t a full time position and all coaches have other jobs, many of them are teachers, but some in the private sector, Henneberg told The Electric.

The amount of the stipend is part of the collective bargaining agreement and part of the athletic department budget, Henneberg said.