Sunday Reads: Oct. 1

It’s looking a bit rainy the next few days, here’s some reading if you’re stuck inside.

The Washington Post: Congress averts government shutdown with last-minute scramble

The Washington Post: Medicaid rolls are being cut. Few are finding refuge in ACA plans.

Axios: FTC likely to challenge Kroger and Albertsons merger

The Atlantic: The microwave makes no sense

FedScoop: Senate lawmakers see a need to legislate against deepfakes threatening elections, but can’t come to terms with how

The Washington Post: This mom challenges one ‘sexual’ school book per week. She says she’ll never stop.

The Economist: Parts of America are becoming uninsurable

Grist: FEMA is being sued for making flood insurance too expensive—and too cheap

The New York Times: Climate-defying veggies of the future

The Washington Post: Archdiocese of Baltimore files for bankruptcy on eve of new Maryland law that allows more child sexual abuse survivors to sue

Route Fifty: Cities turn to GIS mapping to find housing for the homeless

The Atlantic: Why don’t we just build new cities?

The Economist: The new Supreme Court term takes aim at the administrative state

Rolling Stone: These women tried to warn us about AI

The New York Times: Trump could lose Trump Tower and other properties in New York fraud case

The Economist: The costs of Russia’s war are about to hit home

The Atlantic: Group-chat culture is out of control

The Washington Post: Scientists find one of the world’s most elusive sharks — by tracking its DNA

The New Yorker: The Quiet Revolution of the Sabbath